Bridging the Digital Divide in Africa

Empowering Individuals and Organisations Across the African Continent with the Transformative Capabilities of Digital and Media Skills.


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A Research-Backed Initiative

Welcome to Digital Skills for Africa. An online-learning platform carefully curated for Africans, by Africans. The platform was developed with years of extensive research on Africa’s Digital Divide, and it aims to stand in the gap for all Africans, catering to different demographics, paying special attention to varying needs. 

Nthanda Manduwi


Course Packages & Workshops


Mastering the Art of Digital Marketing

Concern Matita

Creating Stunning Visuals with Canva and other tools.

Thokozani Kamkamba

Building Your Own Website with WordPress and CMS tools.

Samuel Loga

Protect your brand and persona online.

Abigail Zingani

Personalised Learning

Have specific needs, and need us to assist with creating a tailormade course, or connecting you with a specific trainer to meet your needs?

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We have over 30 globally certified digital and media skills courses, taught by highly-experienced trainers and tutors.


Access to Devices

We partner with schools and hubs around Africa, to give learners access to digital devices in their labs for learning.


Data-Free Platform​

We partner with network providers across Africa to zero-rate our LMS, so all can access the platform at all times.

An Experienced Team You Can Trust

We are led by a dynamic team with extensive experience in digital media and business development across the continent, and globally.

No Wi-Fi? No Worry!

We work with development partners to mobilise resources and offer certified courses, which are taught by highly-experienced trainers and tutors. The courses are delivered free-to-access, in a blended learning approach – online and in-person. All our registered students can access fully-functional computers, and unlimited Wi-Fi at the Kwathu Kowork Hubs, and partnering schools and hubs aroud Africa.

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Our Alumni - Where are They Now?

Through initatives like the World Bank funded Digital Malawi Project, the EU funded Sound Connects Fund, and the GIZ funded Muzi Ecosystem Initiative, we have trained over 1000 youth in Digital and Media Skills.

Chiko Chalie Saword Music4Malawi Cohort 2

I am impressed by the quality of the digital and media skills courses offered on Digital Skills For Africa.

Beautus Msamange Music4Malawi Cohort 2

The support team at Digital Skills For Africa is exceptional. They are always ready to assist.

Esther Bonyonga SENIOR STUDENT

The flexibility and accessibility of Digital Skills For Africa have allowed me to balance my studies with my work commitments.

Matt Roberts Music4Malawi Cohort 2

Digital Skills For Africa has revolutionized learning for us. DSA has made learning fun and engaging

Steven Chilongo Digital Malawi Cohort 1

Digital Skills For Africa is a game-changer. It has made quality education accessible to everyone, regardless of their location

Dalitso Chiusiwa Digital Malawi Cohort 1

Digital Skills For Africa has transformed the way we learn. DSA has made our learning experience enjoyable and productive.

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Read recent research, and find out trending statistics on progress being made to cover the digital divide in Africa.